Sunday, July 12, 2009

Varmints on the Bird Feeder

We've been dog sitting for a niece this week . . .
Sunday night @ 10:30 the dog, Sadie, was barking, then growling a little bit.
OK, I'm curious what has her excited, so I get her hooked up on the leash, get a good strong grip and open the screen door.
And still she just about yanks me off my feet to get at the varmints. . . .
. . . 3 half grown raccoons. One headed across the driveway and up the big maple.
The other 2 were already on top of the bird feeder, 7 feet up, about 6 feet from the door.
I let Delmor hold Sadie (to keep them treed) while I got the camera -- results attached.
Delmor took a broom to the 2 on the bird feeder: knocked one off into the rose bush and the other jumped to the brick wall of our house and started going up the bricks. Enough fun for us. We took Sadie inside and left the varmints to figure out how to get off the house.
So now what do we do to discourage return visits? Make raccoon stew?
[Yah, we know about rabies in raccoons -- won't let the dog get near them.]

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  1. Such great raccoon shots! They are so cute!! My latest varmint is a resident opossum. You will see pics on my blog.