Sunday, August 28, 2011

Steam Engine Show 2011

These four and forty other photos of the 2011 Steam Engine Show at the Kurt Umnus Farm near Edgar, WI are on my Webshots site:
 The steam engine show is huge:  must be 80 acres of displays, flea market, crafts, food stands, plowing demonstrations, a mini fly-in, camper area, history, music . . . .   and another 80 acres of parking!  The photo album is mainly all about the tractor parade.  The samples here show two big steam engines, a threshing machine with two wing feeders, and a wooden model tractor.  

[Good grief; this is my first posting in 2011 and the year is 2/3 gone.  Take it to mean all is going well; nothing drastic has happened.  If you'd like to view my year so far, there are short comments and a few other photos on my "Wall" at Facebook.  Once on Facebook, search for "Laurel Hoffmann" of Marathon, WI.  But you might have to "friend" me to see all . . . .]